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Table superset_legacy_filters
Created By Sofokus Admin
Changed By Sofokus Admin
Created On 2018-10-30 06:04:37
Changed On 2019-01-17 19:35:17
Name NUTS1 (regions of the countries)
Datasource Id 6
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name superset_legacy_filters
Visualization Type filter_box
Parameters {"adhoc_filters": [{"clause": "WHERE", "comparator": "NULL", "expressionType": "SIMPLE", "filterOptionName": "filter_t2swibyz9o7_6ji3afa0g1v", "fromFormData": true, "operator": "!=", "sqlExpression": null, "subject": "nuts_1"}], "datasource": "6__table", "date_filter": false, "filter_configs": [{"asc": false, "clearable": true, "column": "nuts_1", "metric": {"aggregate": null, "column": null, "expressionType": "SQL", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": false, "label": "MAX(nuts_1)", "optionName": "metric_5b1g2o64ehe_3nrq90ohrif", "sqlExpression": "MAX(nuts_1)"}, "multiple": true}], "filter_global_trigger": false, "filter_show_column_name": false, "granularity_sqla": "project_start", "instant_filtering": true, "order_desc": false, "show_druid_time_granularity": false, "show_druid_time_origin": false, "show_sqla_time_column": false, "show_sqla_time_granularity": false, "slice_id": 105, "time_range": "No filter", "url_params": {}, "viz_type": "filter_box"}
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Perm [keep_drupal_staging].[superset_legacy_filters](id:6)
Schema Perm None
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