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Table superset_legacy_master
Created By Sofokus Admin
Changed By Sofokus Admin
Created On 2018-11-27 06:20:31
Changed On 2018-11-27 06:21:12
Name Number of Projects per Programme Period and Programme Type
Datasource Id 1
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name superset_legacy_master
Visualization Type sunburst
Parameters {"adhoc_filters": [{"clause": "WHERE", "comparator": "", "expressionType": "SIMPLE", "filterOptionName": "filter_x9uoadkqkdm_xk5mih2203", "fromFormData": true, "operator": "IS NOT NULL", "sqlExpression": null, "subject": "period"}, {"clause": "WHERE", "comparator": "", "expressionType": "SIMPLE", "filterOptionName": "filter_b66am5wt6qo_5hk9803hezf", "fromFormData": true, "operator": "IS NOT NULL", "sqlExpression": null, "subject": "program_type"}], "color_scheme": "keep", "datasource": "1__table", "granularity_sqla": "project_start", "groupby": ["period", "program_type"], "metric": "Number of Projects", "row_limit": null, "secondary_metric": null, "slice_id": 212, "time_range": "No filter", "url_params": {}, "viz_type": "sunburst"}
Description None
Cache Timeout None
Perm [keep_drupal_staging].[superset_legacy_master](id:1)
Schema Perm None
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