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Column Verbose Name Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal
partnership_nuts_0_lat None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_0_lng None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_1_lat None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_1_lng None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_2_lat None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_2_lng None DOUBLE PRECISION
nuts_1_title NUTS1 VARCHAR(255)
nuts_2_title NUTS2 VARCHAR(255)
nuts_3_title NUTS3 VARCHAR(255)
nuts_0_title NUTS0 VARCHAR(255)
project_theme_id None INTEGER
project_theme_title None VARCHAR(255)
programme_id None INTEGER
programme_title None VARCHAR(255)
programme_period_id None INTEGER
programme_period_title None VARCHAR(255)
programme_type_id None INTEGER
programme_type_title None VARCHAR(255)
nuts_0_id None INTEGER
nuts_1_id None INTEGER
nuts_2_id None INTEGER
nuts_3_id None INTEGER
thematic_objective_id None INTEGER
thematic_objective_content None TEXT
investment_priority_id None INTEGER
investment_priority_content None TEXT
thematic_priority_id None INTEGER
thematic_priority_content None TEXT
project_id None INTEGER
partnership_id None BIGINT
partnership_total_budget None NUMERIC(11, 2)
partnership_nuts_3_lat None DOUBLE PRECISION
partnership_nuts_3_lng None DOUBLE PRECISION
Record Count: 34
Metric Verbose Name Type
count_distinct_partnerships Number of Partnerships None
count_distinct_projects Number of Projects None
count_distinct_programmes Number of Programmes None
count COUNT(*) count
sum_partnership_budgets Aggregated Partnership Budgets (€) None
Record Count: 5
Table Name superset_partnerships
Sql None
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database keep_statistics
Schema None
Description None
Owners []
Main Datetime Column created_at
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Perm [keep_statistics].[superset_partnerships](id:13)
Associated Charts [Aggregated budgets per country, region and programme type (2014-2020), Programmes, Partnerships, Projects, and Partnership budgets (2014-2020), Partnerships, Budget (€) for 2014 – 2020, Number of projects, partnerships and relative budget sizes per theme, Budgets (2014-2020) per Theme, Budgets (2014-2020) per Programme Type, Partnerships per NUTS 0, Partnerships per NUTS 1, Partnership budgets (2014-2020 only) per NUTS 0, Partnership budgets (2014-2020 only) per NUTS 1, Partnerships, Budget (€) for 2014 – 2020, Number of projects, partnerships and relative budget sizes per theme]