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Column Verbose Name Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal
target Partner Country VARCHAR(255) COLLATE UTF8MB4_UNI
source Country VARCHAR(255) COLLATE UTF8MB4_UNI
num_collaborations None INTEGER(11)
program_type None VARCHAR(255) COLLATE UTF8MB4_UNI
programme_name None VARCHAR(255) COLLATE UTF8MB4_UNI
source_id None SMALLINT(10)
target_id None SMALLINT(10)
program_type_id None SMALLINT(10)
programme_name_id None SMALLINT(10)
period_id None SMALLINT(10)
nuts_0 Country TEXT
Record Count: 12
Metric Verbose Name Type
sum__num_collaborations None None
avg__num_collaborations None None
count COUNT(*) None
Number of Collaborations None None
sum__source_id None sum
avg__source_id None avg
sum__target_id None sum
avg__target_id None avg
sum__program_type_id None sum
avg__program_type_id None avg
sum__programme_name_id None sum
avg__programme_name_id None avg
sum__period_id None sum
avg__period_id None avg
Record Count: 14
Table Name superset_legacy_collaborations
Sql None
Enable Filter Select True
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database keep_statistics
Schema None
Description shared projects
Owners []
Main Datetime Column None
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Perm [keep_drupal_staging].[superset_legacy_collaborations](id:5)
Associated Charts [One or more target countries, Select country:, Cooperation among countries (# of projects in common), Cooperation among countries (# of projects in common)]